Boracay Sister Island

Boracay’s Sister Island

In this contemporary world, travelling, no doubt has become a necessity to everyone who can afford it. And with that accessibility, we know that feeling of travelling has this therapeutic effect of boosting happiness and satisfaction, as it takes all of our worries elsewhere and creates this separate world that we deem to enjoy –distancing us away from all the complications, stress, and even an anxious reality that unfortunately gets us day by day.

Aside from that, travelling nowadays is made even more possible to be within reach to everybody whether it’d for the youngsters or the golden oldies making it one of the most sought-after recreational solutions.

In the Philippines, it is without a doubt that it has made its name worldwide for its vast scenic land and seascape together with its captivating and sublime wonders. Showcasing the marvelous 7,641 islands perfectly suited with a numerous long stretch of white sand beaches, pristine and glass-like waters, clouded and complimented with that warm and authentic Filipino hospitality where it describes all in all the natural wonders that spirals the country itself to be a widely known travel destination and guarantees itself to be one of the havens for a wanderlust traveler to get their passport stamped.  

As we talk about white sand beaches, there is one island in particular in the Philippines that always comes to thought in every traveling junkie’s mind on the dot, and that is “Boracay”. Described by flocking tourists for its powder-like sand beaches that extend into an eternity because of its therapeutic touch, it is without question that tourists from all over the world are losing no time to visit the well-known island of Boracay. Since the mid 80’s it has made the island completely coveted because of the influx of tourists and visitors coming in and out of the island making the Boracay resorts and other establishments really blessed and contented.

Aside from the popular and well-known island of Boracay, travelers have also visited other notable island spots that ail their adventurous and curious side, and therefore explored a whole lot of them in the Philippines, and evidently these islands have not led them into disappointment and have proven to them that it has to be visited more than once. In fact, exceeded by their expectations, one of these islands hiding under the radar and shadows of Boracay is an upcoming & rising tourist destination and is nationally claimed as the previous’ sister island, Carabao.

In the previous years, Carabao Island was a tourist spot that guests would only visit for a day trip. The island’s environment is a perfect extended escape other than Boracay. Competing with Boracay for its pockets of white sand beaches and the crystal-like waters, Carabao Island makes itself even more admirable and worthy of your tarriance as it also extends its magnificent, divinely-made, and beguiling rock formations creating gigantic cliffs and hidden magical caves perfect for those who would want to experience a whole new level of excitement and adventure.

If you’re looking for a new destination to go or just plainly bored of Boracay, we put into the market a new resort that could be your new getaway for Boracay resorts or even your new favorite place to be for your holidays, Oceans Edge Resort. The laid-back environment of the island gives off a tantalizing feeling around the shores, embracing the peacefulness and serenity that only in this island can provide. Carabao Island is now a new destination that is yet to be explored.

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