Discover Carabao Island: Cathedral Cave

In the previous years, Carabao Island was a tourist spot that guests would only visit for a day trip. The island’s environment is a perfect escape to the known crowded Boracay. Tourists used to come over and enjoy a small picnic of grilled barbecue and fresh seafood sourced from the local fishermen’s catch of the day. The laid-back environment gives off a tantalizing feeling of lounging around the shores, embracing the peacefulness and serenity, that only this island can provide. Still retaining its imagery of raw beauty, Carabao Island is now a destination that is yet to be explored.

The island is full of natural rock formations creating huge cliffs and hidden caves, perfect for touristic activities. Because of this, adventure seekers are not slow to catch on. The island has more to offer than its fine white sands.

A famous tourist spot in the island, called  Cathedral Cave is located on the north-west coastline, this place offers numerous activities such as spelunking, cliff-diving, and snorkeling. The name Cathedral was inspired by the formation of a huge cave, having a similar look of a church building that is built out of stones. Therefore, the name Cathedral Cave

As tourists reach the entrance, they are welcomed by amazing views of the sun and sea. Even from afar, the sound of rhythmic percussion of waves against the rocks are heard. Looking over the bamboo walkway, the area is surrounded by pristine blue and turquoise waters, showing the transparency of corals underneath.

Disrupting the waters for a second, there are three different levels of diving boards. Starting with the 6 feet high cliff jump, this would be enough to get a head start. Off to higher levels, there are two other diving platforms. One is a diving board that goes up to 20-feet high, and another is a 50-foot cliff jump.

There is a hidden paradise that can only be seen by exploring under the waters of Cathedral Cave. There is a saying that the live coral coverage of the island has reached almost 90 to 98 percent. Imagine the array of different shapes and colors of intricate corals surrounded by marine life. Feeling tranquility and harmony under the sea is something worth a try.

Sparking up the curiosity, underneath all the rocks where Cathedral Cave sits is a smaller cave full of tunnels. There, tourists can swim into these inlets and peek up to see the depths of these cliff rocks. Climbing back up to the ladder, the trail through the end of the bamboo walkway leading to the inner areas of the huge cliffs. Here the mouth of the cave is found, this time a tour guide is essential. Exploring the caves needs local expertise as the tracks are slippery, dark and steep that only a trained local can wander through it smoothly. As the tour guide leads the cave adventure, stalactites and stalagmites can be seen up close, glimmering back as the flashlights focus on them. While going through, the guides will point out these amazing rock figures in the form of lions, roses and so on.

As the journey to Cathedral Cave would come to an end, depending on the time of the visit, the famed saffron sunset can also be a part of the trip. The area has the perfect view to watch the sun go down. A picturesque moment of the colorful hues of the sky and sea, while the fishermen in their boats pass by.  It is the best way to end the trip.

This amazing place would never have come together if it were not for the teamwork done by the local community. They saw the potential of Cathedral Cave and worked towards their goal of making this tourist spot be known. With only a 100 PHP per person this place is definitely worth the visit!




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