Discover Carabao Island: White Sand Beaches


The hunt for white sand beaches in the undiscovered islands of the Philippines is a thrill treasure to seek. Luckily, Carabao Island is one of the destinations to look at. Hiding under the shadows of Boracay, the island has a similar identity to that of its sister. That is, the luxury of having stretches of white sand.

The shoreline of Poblacion Beach

Getting to know more about Carabao Island

Declared as the fifth municipality of the province of Romblon the town of San Jose is in Carabao Island. Subdivided into five barangays (villages) called Busay, Combot, Lanas, Pinamihagan, and Poblacion. Its location is off the southern tip of Tablas and separated from Boracay by the Hambil Channel. The coastlines are rich in white sands and limestone cliffs, attracting tourists in the area. Still claiming its reputation of a calm and serene atmosphere, expect to be welcomed by unspoiled beaches and uncrowded shorelines.

The beaches on the island commonly have long stretches of white sand, pristine waters, and lush coconut trees. There are also private coves with white sand but the beaches in barangay Lanas and Poblacion, the island’s capital, stand out amongst them.  Although on opposite ends, transferring to and from the island can be done using motorcycles or ‘habal-habal’ as the locals call it. But the ride is worth it, a whiff of fresh air, the gust of sea breeze and you will be able to see the simple lifestyle of the locals on the island. Making it feel as if it is a different part of the world, hence why they call it a trip that turns back time.

Poblacion Beach

Located in the eastern coastline of the island, Poblacion Beach is in an area that is bustling compared to the rest of the villages. More commercialized in a way, where a couple of small food stalls, shops, and restaurants are available in the site. Reaching through the entrance of Poblacion beach welcomes a breathtaking view of its long stretch of white sand that goes a long way, enough space for children to play around and build sand castles in its powdery white sands. The beach is in a public area that is open to everyone. With waters so transparent, that it mirrors the lilac and pastel colors of the sun as it sets down.


Red and orange sunset views of Lanas Beach

This beachfront is facing Boracay which is at the western coastline of the island. The stretch is one of the points of entrance, where the visitors dock coming from Caticlan (Port Sambiray). Quite similar to Poblacion Beach in its white sands, but coarser to that of Puka Beach in Boracay. This beachfront not only have a long stretch of sand but also have one of the best diving spots in the area. At the end of the day, as the sun is setting down on this side of the island, a marvelous view of the red and orange sunset can be experienced as compared to the other end.

Carabao Island is typically known as an island escape, as this paradise still stands as a destination of peace and privacy.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place having a pace of its own in time and lifestyle.

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