Epitome of luxury right within your reach!

Luxury is defined in a multitude of ways; as it can be described and even be associated with liberty, elegance, and even with the state of high living, but the general thought would be, luxury is anything that provides great pleasure and extravagance. It should be something that shows off bliss, contentment, and comfortability.

In this world where the lavish life strikes a quick-paced society, it is the nascency of a heavenly paradise in Carabao Island which caters to all edges of luxury reimagined. In Oceans Edge Resort, we make sure that our guests experience luxury in every corner. With a striking gaze of the raw beauty of nature, in unison with luscious aura of the moment of a simple & plain island life, hearty and decadent meals served with the utmost quality of a guaranteed farm to table experience, to the stellar service aimed to prioritize your lavish needs. Luxury Reimagined couldn’t be a step closer to your reach, as it is destined to satisfy every fiber of one’s being by bringing down the curtain of what could be your next greatest dream of R&R.

Provided with luxury reimagined, come to soothe & pamper yourself, and let both your body and soul rejuvenate, reboot, and reconnect again with our natural wonders! If you seek for the place where elation touches shoulders with repose, Oceans Edge Resort is nothing but heaven on a plate for you. We invite you to experience our kind of luxury, the luxury of finding time for yourself and the luxury of obtaining peace and serenity within you as we launch our newest Direct Promo Code, “REIMAGINED”.

Below are three easy steps to book direct while using the special code:

Step 1. Choose the dates to book your one-of-a-kind holiday

Step 2. Apply the code “REIMAGINED” (goes on any order with upper or lower case) on the Promo code box. When the box turns green it means that the code is valid and click Continue to move further with your reservation.

Step 3. Choose the Room Category that you wish to book.

So, what are you waiting for? Luxury Reimagined is never before one-step closer. Hurry and book direct, and seize the opportunity living the best dream life can offer!

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