Exploring Carabao Island

For the adventurous at heart, Carabao Island is the best place to explore. The island is full of caves, cliffs and unspoilt waters. Here are the recommended places to visit for those who are unfamiliar of the island.

There are a couple of caves there is the Cathedral Cave, Ngiriton Cave, Dingle Cave and Koding koding. Here, visitors not only explore these beautiful caves, the cliff-diving areas are also located near by. The cliffs are huge, that due to repetitive impact of the waves these beautiful caves were created.

Tan-agan Picnic Grove and Poblacion Beach are the most popular white beaches in the island. Enjoy the peace and tranquility provided that the island is yet to be discovered.

If guests are not contented to be at one spot a guided tour will be available soon. This will be conducted through the Carabao Island Tour Guide Association, which sets activities such as spelunking, cliff diving, Carabao riding and scenic view points.

Getting through the island now is still a work in progress. The roads are a mixture of old and new, so in parts you will find small undeveloped tracks. Other areas are soon getting developed into concrete roads. The majority of the road developments are being made on the west side of the island, where Oceans Edge Resort is located.


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