Happy 2020!

The year 2019 is about to close its chapter and it is a year full of momentous happenings filled with both heartache and happiness. Nevertheless, each and every one of us has brought forth in life our cherished memories especially the ones that we hold dear or close to us, and priceless lessons that we will always keep wherever life takes us. Indeed, New Year is both a time to say goodbye and a time to say hello.

A time to say adios and muchas gracias to the past – it’s safe to conclude that it is a time to say we’re ready for the future and for everything that it beholds upon us. But another thing for sure, we will always keep the treasured evocations and will always try to create more and more in the coming years to come.

Talking about lasting memories, there is one particular event that never bats an eye in creating extraordinary and momentous ones and that is – “traveling”. Traveling has always been our avenue for both happiness and leisure, and it always will continue to be there for us whenever we need it thanks to its benefit of making it easier, accessible and available for all.

This 2020, we hope that your travel goals will all come to reality and that you may find true satisfaction, peace, and serenity during that exciting time. We hope that you’ll have a kind of luxurious holiday and by luxurious we mean to have that soothing element of quality time for oneself and with loved ones.

We at Oceans Edge Resort would like to extend our most heart-warming gratitude and deep appreciation to everyone who has been with us, and to the ones who have shared their most precious time at the resort. It has been our pleasure to have served you the best and the most luxurious way, and to have reached our purpose in making your stay one-of-a-kind and undeniably worthy to come visit us again.

This 2020, may your year be filled with plenty more memories to keep and stories to tell. And we, at OER do sincerely pray and hope that we will still be a part of your 2020 so we can continue to deliver and improve the quality service you deserve fused with that hint of authentic traditional Filipino hospitality. May you have a prosperous New Year and allow us to say Happy 2020!

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