Oceans Edge Resort: Culinary Power-trio

“When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: to make people happy, that is what cooking is all about”

                         – Thomas Keller

In this age of instant food, there is something innately satisfying about choosing to order slow food.  Savoring each passing minute in anticipation of that delicious meal prepared not in snail’s pace but doing everything at the right speed.

Just like a lovingly prepared meal, a chef is a product of the kitchen’s environment.  A chef withstands the hotness a coldness of the challenges inside and outside the kitchen.  A good chef is molded by the fire of experiences and shadowed by a good kitchen team that is always ready to help him win the battles inside the kitchen.

A perfect example of a good kitchen team is the power-trio chefs of Oceans Edge Resort’s Bahandi Clubhouse.  Each unique in their own way, their undeniably fascinating kitchen skills complement each other’s style of cooking to come up with the most satisfying culinary experience for the guests.

The Executive Chef, Yen Cinco, started cooking at the age of eight and realized right there and then that her heart always belonged to the kitchen. With passion and hard work, Chef Yen attained numerous awards and became an executive chef and consultant at the young age of 30, very respected among her peers. The chef’s cup of tea is the European cuisine with Irish Winter Stew as her favorite dish to cook. Chef Yen’s passion and desire in cooking has always been influenced by her mother who taught her how to pour love in cooking and express her personality in all the dish and plating that she makes.





European cuisine is best complemented by the Asian cuisine. Oceans Edge Resort is so proud to have Chef Teody Idorot, Sous Chef, whose strength in cooking lies in the Asian cuisine. Chef Teody started his career as a commis last 2003 but his love for cooking goes back to when he was a child, a passion greatly influenced by his grandfather who was also a chef back in his time. He went to a well-known culinary school in Aklan and where he learned his affinity to Asian Cuisine especially the Japanese dishes. In his years of experiences in different restaurants and hotels, Chef Teody has learned that the most important elements for success in the culinary world is patience, strong bond and camaraderie with your colleagues and passion for what you do.


Lastly, our Gourmet Chef completes the driving force behind Oceans Edge Resort’s Bahandi Clubhouse.  Chef Richard Valenzuela, who is driven by his passion and his dream to become a professional chef was able to slowly achieve his goal when he first became a Chef de Partie at the age of 22.  Graduated in De la Salle College of Saint Benilde with the degree program of Bachelor of Science in Culinary arts, the chef learned and mastered the Western and American type of cuisine completing the wide array of international dishes served in the resort. For him, cooking is not just merely cooking. It is an art where one must put his heart and soul in doing it.



According to Daniel Boulud, “there’s no great chef without a great team”. Like the phrase “no man is an island”, one singular being cannot be a remarkable chain reaction to a great team’s success but rather a series of chain reactions resulting from every great team’s effort is what molds a singular being into a great chef. Empowering an individual is always imperative in bringing out the best qualities, we rely on our significant others to build ourselves and test our waters on how well we work with others, and that itself is a challenge in building a great team, followed by success.


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