Oceans Edge Resort: Piquancy of that Fresh Catch

On this present-day, travelling has extended its branches to become accessible to everyone. And indubitably, the Philippines has definitely made it known worldwide for its myriad of spectacles with its enchanting and marvelous wonders. Showcasing islands characterized by long stretch of white sand beaches, pristine and turquoise waters, and most of all the authentic warm service and hospitality of the Filipinos. For a country having these kinds of God-given marvels, easily spirals itself to be a world renowned travel destination, and guarantees it to be one of the places for a traveling junkie to fill their passport.

Wandering aimlessly on the islands of the Philippines doesn’t only call for an adventurous stride but it also calls for an adventurous palate for the country’s rich, diverse, and not-to-mention finest seafood. In fact, having to dine with freshest seafood in a platter is very much sought-after and definitely a must-try in the country apart from the section of that piquant, savory, and the mouth-watering essence of the food.

What other way to enjoy the unreserved freshness of seafood is by catching it on your own. Having to feel the challenge of catching your own meal really takes the edge off of regular dining, and having it prepared and cooked according to one’s desire packages it to be a surreal experience.

Blessed with magnificent cliffs and God-made landscapes, Oceans Edge Resort, a luxurious paradise is also blessed with a rich marine & aquatic life, and other water-based resources that not only guarantees freshness of seafood but is also a true vast wonder of sea exploration and adventure. Very soon the resort will offer live seafood aquarium for diners to enjoy the experience of choosing their favorite seafood cooked the way they like it. Seafood couldn’t get fresher than this.

That first bite from that fresh luscious meal ensures the essence of satiety be unfolded throughout that dining escapade. Prized for its sea-to-table quality, and cooked to own preference, discover gastronomical adventure with a mix of alluring and succulent fresh seafood ingredients all provided for one to luxuriate in.

Just like the olden days, fishing as one of the most leisurely, crowd-pleasing activities in the whole island of Carabao having 98% marine and aquatic life, Oceans Edge Resort offers to experience the most authentic and traditional way of fishing – the “Panulo”. The term panulo simply means fishing at sea at night using a light that is ignited by petroleum gas to be able to see, and a long sharp stick which is primarily the main tool to catch fish. The most enthralling and exciting part is that the guests of the resort can get the chance to try this off-the-beaten-track experience and have their catch freshly cooked in a way that they have set their tastebuds to.

To achieve quality is never an accident, but is rather the essence of a prized trophy due to hard work and persistence.  Catch viable and fresh squids while having to experience the most authentic and traditional way of fishing in Romblon (“panulo”) which caters to the taste buds of even the most discriminating palate.  

Reimagine luxury as you fill yourself with the freshest produce of the sea, together with that rapturous and ecstatic moment of enjoying the lavish treats of nature, while taking pride on the unscathed quality of the natural resources provided by both land and sea.

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