Paradise in Philipppnes

Paradise in the Philippines

“Land of the sun caressed, Pearl of the Orient seas, our Eden lost!” These are the exact words that Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ National Hero wrote in his book from My Last Farewell about his much-treasured country.

What makes the Philippines genuinely unique among different nations is the way that it has an unprecedented and unparalleled landscape and scenery which without question stands out spontaneously in front of every individual’s perspective. Aside from that, the rich Filipino culture gives a different point of view for this utopia which makes the country absolutely delightful for tourists and adventure seekers, which also compliments and partly protrudes as the main reason why it has established its own name among nations as Paradise Philippines.

This paradise itself is enriched with an all-encompassing coastline, ringed with pristine beaches and top of the line landscapes, showing off its glass-like turquoise color line water that is built around 40,000 square kilometers of seaside reefs overflowing with an abundance of marine life making it a paradise above and below the surface. Blessed with a tropical climate, this haven is a perfect getaway to enjoy sunlight while appreciating the unsullied beaches, magnificent sunsets, stupefying cliffs, and even into magical islands.

It is the pride of the country to have all of these natural wonders to be built upon the cosmos, as there is one certain island in the Philippines that is considered to be naturally blessed, and is a living confirmation of Paradise Philippines and that is Carabao Island.

Carabao Island or commonly known as Hambil is a part of Romblon, Municipality of San Jose. Famous for its powder-like white sand beaches, saffron sunset, and pristine turquoise waters, the island is notably recognized as Boracay’s sister island by the reason of having similar characteristics and being geographically adjacent.

Unknown to many, this island which has been under Boracay’s shadow for a long time, has a lot more to offer than just the white sand beaches and pristine waters. The island in itself is a heavenly paradise in the west showcasing spectacular cliffs, breathtaking views from wherever you are, and water caves all for the tourists to explore and discover for them to enjoy. Other than that, the island is a diver’s day dream for it has an abundance of marine & aquatic life.

Setting aside all the ravishing, godly-made natural wonders of Carabao Island, there is one thing that makes the island even more unique and different to all the other islands in the archipelago – its most unreserved, untainted, and untarnished true beauty to the naked eye where adventure seekers just get dazed at first sight. Its ultra-laid-back environment presents an enticing feeling of relaxation around the shores, embracing the peacefulness and serenity that only this island can provide. As it retains its beguiling and raw beauty Carabao Island is definitely a hot-spot destination that is yet to be rediscovered by you.

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